Testimonials for our Personal Trainers

Don't just take our word for it. See what our clients past and present have to say about their experience with our personal trainers. 

Client John in Canterbury, Kent


"I’ve been having personal training sessions with Sam for around 5 months and now I’m going to the gym near enough every day. Having lost a lot of weight I decided to start having sessions with Sam to shape up and gain some strength. We’ve gone through several routines and programmes and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it (Except the battle ropes!). Sam gave me the confidence in the gym and has always introduced me to others and made me feel comfortable, I’ve seen a massive change in my body and I’m looking forward to seeing the results in the future!"

Kira at Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Canterbury


"Being a single mum of 5 children meant that it was going to be near on impossible to even find the time to actually go to the gym in Canterbury. Just to get through that mental battle to motivate myself to go after such long hard days! Well. This is what I thought before I starting personal training with Sam! Pushing me to my limits, driving and motivating me to start believing in myself. That I was worth making time for and worth investing in, are just a few ways in which Sam has positively impacted my life! Training is something I used to dread. Now I look forward to and get excited about every session."

A client of Personal Trainer, Sam in Canterbury


"The sessions really helped me improve my strength and form with exercises. I feel like I’ve made a lot of improvement and that I now understand how to gain strength and definition."

Personal training Client from Canterbury, Kent


"I've been training with Sam for just over 4 weeks now. I'm really enjoying the sessions. Currently, I'm doing 3 sessions a week and have constant support from my personal trainer, Sam both in the gym and over the phone. I never thought I could push myself as much as I have with Sam. Over the past 4 weeks, I have lost 8.5lbs and my strength and technique have gone through the roof. Looking forward to the future and more training with SS Fitness! I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer."

A client of Personal Trainer outside Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Canterbury


"Sam is a fantastic personal trainer who knows exactly how to push you and keep you motivated. Personally, I have a hard time getting to the gym in Canterbury and with my full time working hours and thought he could never have time to train me, but it’s the opposite, he has such flexible hours and works around your timetable. I’ve been with him for 3 weeks and I’m already more confident in my body and he has made me enjoy going to the gym and working out. I honestly think he is an amazing personal trainer who just wants to see people get better results than what they came for. He helps you want to better yourself and could not of asked for a better trainer."

A happy client of Personal Trainer, Sam, outside Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Canterbury


"A friend recommended me to Sam who made me feel comfortable in the gym from day one. Fast forward to 12 weeks and I have achieved so much more than I first imagined due to Sam’s help. Sam keeps a high level of professionalism yet still keeps the sessions enjoyable and fun. Sam knows how to motivate and challenge me during a workout, so I can always walk away feeling like I’ve made progress. He not only helped me during the personal training sessions but gave me advice and support in making key lifestyle changes; such as simple dietary changes that aid me in achieving my goals as fast and safely as possible. I would highly recommend Sam if you’re new to the gym, in the Canterbury area, or simply require that extra push, as I guarantee he will help you reach your initial goals and more."

Personal trainer's Client outside the Gym in Canterbury, Kent.


"I'd been looking for a personal trainer since moving to Canterbury, and I was recommended Sam by my gym. He's a superb trainer; always pleasant and encouraging, but always determined to push you to improve. I cannot recommend him enough."

Rhian, a client of the personal trainer, Sam, in Canterbury.


"You could spend an entire month working out at the gym and feel like you’re not progressing or spend one hour with sam and endure an intense, but great session. The thought and creativity he puts into his programmes are so unique and centred around the client you cant help but leave his sessions feeling absolutely shattered (and probably in pain for a few days) but nevertheless wanting to come back for more. Since training with Sam I have never felt more confident with my body and the quick progression of my strength and overall fitness has a large part to do with his encouragement and motivation. The passion, knowledge, and engagement he delivers is truly amazing and I cant thank Sam enough for getting me closer and closer to my goal."

A client enjoying her personal training sessions


"A great personal trainer! I've learnt so much and feel so much more confident. I really enjoy my personal training sessions with Sam. Thanks for all the support, both emotionally and physically. I'm really happy with the fitness results."

The Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Canterbury, Kent.


"I didn’t enjoy going to the gym until I started training with Sam, now I look forward to my sessions! He is so committed to helping me achieve my goals and he tailors every personal training sessions individually to further my progression. In just over 1 month I have become so much fitter, stronger and healthier thanks to Sam."