Why you should enter a 5K!

If you have hit a plateau and are bored with your training, or simply like a challenge, then entering a 5K could be the answer. Whilst a race can seem intimidating, having a goal to work towards and train for is extremely motivating and can help you stay accountable and stick to a training schedule. 5km is a realistic goal, making it the perfect distance to get started. Even if you already run the popular distance regularly, entering a race will give you the motivation to push for a great time, and smash your PB!

And if that wasn’t enough, the following are some added bonuses:

1. You’ll burn around 300-500 calories.

2. 5K races are almost always charitable fundraisers, so you have the opportunity to giving to charity and support your community.

3. Running clubs are great communities and races are often just as much of a social event as a competition!

4. A 12-week training plan (if stuck to) will get you in great shape and improve your overall fitness levels.

5. Running releases happy endorphins, so as well as the great sense of achievement, you’ll feel great afterwards!

6. 5km is a short enough distance to be able to recover quickly and reduce the risk of distance running related injuries.

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