Why Wait for Monday?

'I'll start on Monday' - is possibly the most used phrase in the world of exercise and nutrition. While it's great if you actually do start on Monday, most people don't, so in this blog I have some tips for getting motivated and having the confidence to make a start.

Monday is seen as a fresh start; motivation is high and it's the perfect time to make all those wonderful changes that you've been meaning to get around to... but this is normally the problem. It is very difficult to make so many changes in one day and stick to them. It's so common for people to try and join a gym, walk 10,000 steps, start an overly restrictive diet, and drink 10 gallons of water all in one day, however this is unrealistic and sets you up perfectly for becoming overwhelmed and failing your goals by 6pm. My advice is to take one tiny step at a time and make gradual changes that most importantly are sustainable. If you start a diet or exercise programme that you can't see yourself doing forever, the likelihood is that you won't stick to it for long and it won't be a lifestyle change. Small steps will allow you to achieve mini victories throughout your journey which will motivate you no end and give you the confidence you need to keep going. Once you have successfully stuck to a target for a few weeks, it'll become a habit and then you can make another change.

For most people the most difficult part of exercising is getting started. Whether you are lacking in motivation, confidence or both, it can be a very intimidating thought, especially if you don't know where to start. Below I have created a list of my top tips for motivation and confidence:

  1. Go with a friend. Everything is much easier when you're not alone and working out with a friend means you have someone to push you but also someone to laugh with if you get it wrong.

  2. Get it done early! If you set an alarm and get to the gym first thing you are far more likely to go as you can't use the excuse of work or other emergency commitments. What's more, you'll also feel energised throughout the day and smug knowing that you've already got your workout in!

  3. Change your routine or try something new. Everyone will get bored of the same thing after a while so try a new sport or new workout programme to regain your motivation.

  4. Plan and write down what you intend to do at the gym in advance. This makes it much easier to get it done and wastes no time thinking of things to do. Going straight in with a plan can be a real confidence boost, and if you struggle to create gym programmes yourself, Sterling Fitness is always on hand to help with Online Programming!

  5. Hire a Personal Trainer. I may be biased but there's nothing more motivating that having a 1 to 1 Personal Training session. On top of this, you're much more likely to go to your session if you are paying for it!

  6. Join a class. Working out in a group is great fun and having a set time for a class means you are much less likely to miss it. Sterling Fitness is currently running a Bootcamp over the summer in Canterbury, so come and have a go! For more info:

  7. Do something you enjoy! This speaks for itself; nothing can be more motivating than truly enjoying whatever it is that you're doing.

A huge part of a my job as a Personal Trainer is to build up your confidence so that eventually you are confident enough in your own knowledge to go to the gym or workout alone. Confidence doesn’t just come from being happy with your appearance, it also comes from learning how to perform exercises with perfect form, knowing how to structure your workouts and knowing how far you can push yourself. Confidence and motivation come hand in hand when it comes to fitness, so do get in touch if you need any help even just to make a start on your journey.

Don’t put it off until Monday. Start now and make today your first step towards a healthier you. I can guarantee that if you do, by the end of the day you’ll feel a damn sight better for it.

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