Why Exercise If I Don't Want to Lose Weight?

It's widely thought that you only need to exercise if you want to change the way you look.

But what if you're happy with the way you look - is there any point?

Firstly, it's very important to recognise that exercise is not a punishment for things that we eat and feel guilty about, or a miserable task to complete in order to lose weight. The majority of the population is very lucky to have the opportunity to exercise, to move, to take care of your body and to feel good as a result of doing so. There are a myriad of benefits to working out, and the aesthetic results are just a bonus that shouldn't be the sole focus of your goals.

The mind and the body are not two separate entities - if our body is taken care of and feels good, the positive effects will be mirrored in our mental wellness too. When we work out and stay active on a regular basis, it's not a coincidence that we feel less stressed, less anxious, and generally happier. As we get older, our dopamine levels decrease, however exercise is a proven way to raise our dopamine levels significantly. When we're tired and exercising is the last thing we want to do, it can be very easy to skip a workout and think that lying on the sofa will make us feel better, but in fact exercising can increase energy levels; improving our heart and lung health gives us more energy to tackle daily life, thus further improving our emotional health.

Negative feelings about your body or your appearance are all too commonplace and that can have a negative effect on other areas of your life, including relationships, career, and social life. However, starting to exercise and see your body transform can quickly change that - exercise will not only improve how you look, but it will make you feel stronger, more independent, more confident and allow you to enjoy life a little bit more.

If that wasn't enough reason to get out there, there are of course the well known physical health benefits of regular exercise. We all know that working out increases your life expectancy but it also reduces the risk of diseases such as: Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis and even Alzheimer's. It can decrease waist circumference which is a known risk factor for heart disease, as well as instantly reducing blood pressure, whilst reducing the risk of colon cancer by 30-40%.

To put it into perspective, the following is a worrying comparison as a result of studies on risk factors associated with an early death:

"A sedentary lifestyle is equivalent to smoking one pack of cigarettes per day"

And if you think you hate exercising, then you simply haven't found the right workout for you yet. You don't have to be on a treadmill to exercise - sports, walking, gymnastics, yoga, swimming, weight training and Crossfit all count. Many of us are held back by our lack of confidence in ourselves, and our fear of failure or the unknown stops us from getting started in the first place. This is where Personal Training can really help point you in the right direction, and give you the confidence to get started! Remember, having great health with the ability to move your body is a privilege.

Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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