Who is Personal Training For?

Many of you may follow me on social media, along with other Personal Trainers or fitness influencers, and therefore you will often see content regarding work as a PT and how coaches train their clients. When viewing this content, I'm sure many people will instantly think that Personal Training just isn't for them for a number of reasons. These could be the assumption that they cannot afford Personal Training, they aren't into weightlifting, they aren't confident in the gym, or that they simply just don't feel fit enough. Here at Sterling Fitness, most of these reasons are exactly why these people should invest in Personal Training! As a strong believer that Personal Training is for all, I've broken it down in this blog.


PT isn't exclusively for fit gym goers - in fact Personal Training is for everyone, especially beginners! A trainer can guide you through an introduction to fitness and help you to learn exercises and how to perform them correctly. This not only builds confidence but also ensures that you are able to perform exercises in a safe way that won't cause injury to yourself or others. Personal Trainers are also there to educate you on gym etiquette. This may seem trivial, however all the tips and knowledge you can get from your trainer will give you so much confidence to workout in the gym knowing that you are doing everything correctly, meaning you can focus on your workout.

Occasional Gym Goer

A PT will push you to your limits, allowing you to make progress in your training in a number of ways. Many of us find it difficult to really push ourselves when training on our own - we may take longer rest periods and put in less effort, but a Personal Trainer will ensure that you get the most out of your hour in the gym. After all, you are paying him/her and it's their sole focus to do this! If you aren't a regular gym goer, a PT can provide structure to your workouts with programming plus 1 to 1 sessions. This stops you from performing half hearted workouts with no real effort or goal in mind which are very unlikely to be very beneficial to you, and instead you'll put all your focus into your sessions with your trainer and completing your prescribed program.

Experienced Gym Addict

Anyone who trains regularly will be familiar with hitting a training plateau. Whether your goals are strength, weight loss, hypertrophy or performance based, nearly everyone hits a point when they feel like they are making absolutely no progress whatsoever. Whilst this can be frustrating, it's also the perfect time to reevaluate your training. You may be very knowledgeable and experienced, yet a trainer can be useful for everyone - even Personal Trainers hire Personal Trainers! They can provide a different perspective, introduce you to new training methods and be there for accountability and motivation.

And what about everyone else? I realise that not everyone is interested in the gym, and even though they might want to improve their health and fitness, they may have no desire to set foot in a gym for many reasons. A huge barrier for a lot of people is time. However, upon meeting with a PT, they may surprise you with how they could be able to help you with your workout schedule and allow you to fit in at least 1 session a week - we are very flexible and work almost all hours to fit in with the busy lives of our clients!

Of course time is not the only factor, money is always a limiting factor when it comes to Personal Training. You might be desperate for a trainer but it is a luxury and not everyone can afford it. This is why Sterling Fitness launched our Online Personal Training. This is far cheaper and is still tailored to you, and also helps with timing issues as sessions are performed in your own time, in a gym or even at home. Our goal is to make fitness accessible to all, no matter what your budget is or what time constraints you have.

In short, Personal Training isn't just for people who are already into fitness or people wanting to lose weight; it's for absolutely everyone. Some people just want to be more active which is great, and a PT can be the perfect kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.

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