The 5 people keeping me sane during lockdown!

So, I'm not someone who takes too well to being stuck in this sedentary lifestyle we all find ourselves in right now. I absolutely love what I do and so this time without being able to train my clients in person, coach junior rugby teams and play rugby myself is very difficult for me. I feel a bit uneasy if I'm not doing anything, so whether it's playing with the dogs, getting through makeshift home workouts or catching up with 1 to 1 personal training clients, I'll do anything to occupy myself! Aside from the time spent working from home putting together programs for new and old online personal training clients or doing live home workouts on Facebook and Instagram, I need to fill my time with something else. Here are the top 5 people who are keeping me amused, entertained and happy.

5. Donald Trump

I know what you're thinking but hear me out. The amount of time we currently spend watching the doom and gloom news here in the UK is surely having an effect on our mental well being. The Donald is like an other worldly character. The outlandish things he says, does and manages to get away with are nothing short of ridiculous. I'm not making light of the power and influence this man has and the potential consequences his words and actions have on the well being of others, but his press conferences provide endless entertainment!

4. Jamie Oliver

I love a good cooking show. Thank god for Masterchef and the Great British Menu these past few weeks. However there is something about Jamie Olivers 'Keep Cooking and Carry On' show currently on channel 4 that's so down to earth. It feels like you're in the kitchen with him. The camera crew replaced with a tripod, his wife with an iPhone and his kids helping out and causing a chaos in the process. The recipes themselves might not exactly be what most people have left in the cupboard but the feel of the show is positive, fun and an easy watch.

3. Bradley Simmonds

Bradley Simmonds is a personal trainer based in London. Every day he and some other trainers and celebrities have been offering free live workouts including Yoga, Pilates, Mobility and HIIT. Some of the sessions are pretty tough and others are great for mobility. All in all a great group of people offering some great sessions and helping a lot of people get through this period and come out stronger the other side.

2. Nala and Ludo

For those of you who don't know, Nala and Ludo are my two dogs. I'm sure that they are absolutely sick of the extra long daily walks but it's a good excuse to get outside and get some fresh air. Time spent exercising them, brushing them and occasionally letting them up on the sofa for a cuddle just seems to make the days go much quicker.

1. Josie Fuller

I am well aware that at the best of times I can be a pain to put up with. Being stuck in a house with me for 3 weeks (so far) must be a nightmare. From cooking the most incredible food to being awesome company in getting through all this I was never really going to be picking anyone else. It's like living with a training partner, best friend and girlfriend all in one. I might have to edit this post by the time quarantine is over hahaha.

So there it is, those are my top 5 people getting me through this weird time find ourselves in. Who are yours?

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