Top 5 Fitness Gadgets

As everyone seems to love their gym gadgets I thought I would do a little 'Top 5' blog on the 5 pieces I think are best and why.

5. Fit-Bit

The Fit-Bit is possibly what started the fitness watch trend! Now although an Apple Watch is far superior, when looking at purely health related data and the cost of the tech I feel like the fit-bit is the better option for the average gym goer as it is much cheaper and has everything you need. The emphasis the Fitbit puts on our non exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) through prioritising steps is a great way to easily achieve target driven activity goals outside of the gym. Although the calorie tracker isn't that accurate I think they are a great bit of tech that was clearly started a bit of a step revolution. As a personal trainer its a great way to program easy activity for my clients and they can simply screenshot their results and send them to me.

4. Percussive Therapy Tools.

One thing that is really important to emphasis here is that these are not massage guns. Don't expect to be able to replace a soft tissue massage with a Thera-Gun and achieve the same results. What they can offer is relaxation and slight pain relief. Percussive therapy works by disrupting the pain signal to the brain and as a result the area of tightness can relax. Anything that aids recovery is probably worth it, even if that recovery is simply a feeling of relaxation. These tools can be quite expensive but the reason they are on this list is because personally I incorporate them into a recovery session and as a result I end up doing some mobility and stretching too which is a great knock on effect.

3. Running Tracker Apps (Strava, Map My Run... etc)

As annoying as it can be to see your social media feeds littered with screenshots of bike rides and new 5k times we have to accept that going for a run just to post your time is better than not going for a run at all. These apps allow the user to become part of a community. These tend to be supportive and really helpful for those getting into running. Fitness is all about progress. When you can see previous runs and the times/distances you achieved that serves as a great framework to compete with your former self and hopefully come out fitter each time.

2. MyFitnessPal

I think it's safe to say that MyFitnessPal has allowed the general population to understand their calorie consumption a lot better. One obstacle I come up against regularly is that some people are worried about developing an unhealthy relationship with food if they fixate too much on the calorific content of it. To that I would argue that it isn't the use of a calorie tracking app that will create an unhealthy relationship with food but a lack of education on nutrition itself. So while I don't think calorie consumption is the most important thing in the fitness world, it is a thing and to ignore it and deny yourself an education on nutrition is the far worse option.

1. True Coach

Programming and online coaching software are relatively new to the mainstream fitness industry and to be quite honest most are a heap of crap! However after much trial and error I decided to go with True Coach for my clients. Here is why..

- The app is very user friendly for the client and the coach. Most of my clients have no issue navigating the app and using it to its full potential.

- When filling out exercise results, individuals can enter the weight they lifted, the distance they ran and give detail on how they found the exercise. If they are unsure of their form then they can enter a video as a result. As a coach this is massively helpful.

- Tracking progress is made easy by the metrics section in the the app. Weight, Times, Measurements are all graphed automatically after the second entry which is a great visual aid for progress.

So there you go. My 5 top fitness gadgets. Let me know if I have missed any of your favourites.


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