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There're god knows how many blogs on my website detailing different ways to lift weight, get fit, eat healthier and generally approach training but very little about me as a trainer and why on earth you should listen to what I've got to say. So here we go..

I don't have any stories about how I used to have an eating disorder or used to be severely overweight and managed against all the odds to overcome this and now live a life of health and fitness. I guess I'm lucky in that sense. My path into the health and fitness industry has been and really still is, through rugby. When it comes to my knowledge of these areas it's from good old research and real life experience of helping clients.

I was fortunate enough to have been involved with representative teams from age 17 to 20 with Munster and Leinster. My interest (or obsession is probably more accurate) in Strength and Conditioning started then. Being in an environment among some of the top young athletes and Strength and Conditioning coaches in Ireland was a great opportunity for me to soak up as much information as I possibly could. After missing out on the opportunity to progress with rugby further in Ireland I moved to England to play semi-professional rugby. Completing my rugby coaching badges, my Personal Training Qualifications and my Strength and Conditioning qualification in the process. After playing at National 1 and Premiership Cup level I made the move to Canterbury to play rugby and start up my career as a Personal Trainer full time.

Currently I work within 4 main areas -

Personal Training.

Weather it's one-to-one or online via zoom (as so much is right now) this is the type of training I have been doing for the longest amount of time. I love meeting new people and the satisfaction of helping achieve their goals never wears thin. I train most of my one-to-one out of Lifestyle Fitness.

Strength and Conditioning.

I currently work with rugby teams and athletes at The Kings School, Simon Langton Boys School, Canterbury Academy, Canterbury Christchurch University and individual athletes both in a group S&C capacity and a one-to-one capacity to develop their performance capabilities and reduce the chance of injuries within their given sport. This is something that's close to my heart as it's very similar to the path I was once on and seeing an athlete progressing onto the next stage in their sporting career adn knowing that you played a part in that is awesome in my opinion.

Online Coaching.

This is something that I have offered for a long time now but given the current COVID situation has really taken off. Online coaching can mean a lot of diferent things but for me - - - It's creating a bespoke program to suit a client.

- Developing a human relationship with the client.

- Providing support and guidance every day.

Online Coaching is something I have really come to love doing and the results my clients have had through the support, structure and accountability it provides speak for themselves as I work off an almost entirely word of mouth basis on this.


These have become somthing of myth and legend. Every summer I run an 8 week bootcamp at Canterbury Rugby Club. Obviously this year was a little bit different but 2021 promises to be as big as ever.

I suppose I'll finish by giving an insight into me as a person and not as a trainer. I love dogs and have a 7 year old (very bold) Husky called Nala. I still play rugby for Canterbury Rugby Club and when I am the trainee and not the trainer I do love a bit of Crossfit. Recently I applied to study Physiotherapy at Canterbury Christchurch University (I'll keep you updated on that)

So that's it really. Thank you for having a read and thank you for your continued support.

All the best,


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