Jack Green: The life of an Olympian.

Jack. What got you into athletics?

I started running at primary school when trying out for the district athletics competition. I realised I was fast and like many people I particularly enjoyed winning and being praised more than anything.

If you weren’t doing what you're doing now (and for the last number of years) what would you have been doing?

I love sport so I would still be involved in some way. Teaching or coaching has always appealed to me. The opportunity to help others with the knowledge I’ve gained is something I’d like to continue doing.

What effect does the training you do have on your body in every day situations? (Sleep, relaxing, down time, going out, recovery etc).

Athletics is an all or nothing sport. If you’re not at 100% you get found out very quickly so the training can be brutal and recovery becomes paramount. I sleep 10 hours a night, very rarely drink or eat any ‘bad’ foods and socially it can be quite limiting. But, that’s the price you pay to be successful, which is always worth it.

What advice would you give to someone taking up athletics as a means to a healthier lifestyle?

The beauty of athletics is there are so many different events. I’d recommend always mixing it up between jumps, throws, speed, distance running. Keep it fresh and exciting. Have fun with it and find a good social club to hopefully enjoy your athletics with.

What does an average day of eating look like for you?

Breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 slices of toast, banana, hydration drinks Pre training - Carbohydrate gel and caffeine Post training - Protein Shake and a banana Lunch - Salad and any meat Afternoon snack - Soreen/apples with peanut butter/nuts and seeds Dinner - Meat and vegetables Pre bed - milk and toast with cashew butter During the day - various performance supplements and constant fluids

What for you is or was the biggest barrier to exercise?

As a young athlete from a single parent family the travel and finances of competitions and training was always difficult. Facilities are probably the biggest barrier down in east Kent, especially after living and training in Florida with ridiculously good facilities, but we have built something special in Canterbury and are continuing to improve and add to that.

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