Is Your Personal Trainer Worth it?

I read an article recently which inspired some thought into my work as a Personal Trainer. The article was titled ’11 Ways to Tell if Your Personal Trainer is a Waste of Time and Money’, so naturally I was immediately intrigued.

The article highlighted some important points to consider if you do already use a PT. I am aware that hiring a trainer is a significant expense for most and therefore you should be sure that you are getting the very best service for your money. With that in mind, I have used the article from the Independent and my own standards & values to come up with my tips for not only choosing the correct trainer, but also to have the confidence to realise that your current trainer may not be doing the best job possible.

So, here are my points to consider:

  1. They spend sessions with you on the treadmill. Whilst it can have its place if there is a specific need for it, treadmill work can be done in your own time. What’s the point in paying someone simply to supervise you on the treadmill?

  2. Your workouts should have some sort of progression and structure within a program. Random workouts with no background thought as to how they will help you progress may seem fun to start with, but there is little point hiring a trainer who can’t program effectively for you.

  3. Have you ever wondered if your trainer is helping you to achieve your goals or is training you just in the style that he or she may train him or herself? Trainers should be versatile and focus solely on you as an individual, and shouldn’t train everyone as they train themselves.

  4. Anyone in the fitness profession should be passionate about helping people. If you Personal Trainer doesn’t motivate & inspire you or doesn’t seem to care or love what they’re doing, then they probably don’t! A crucial factor when choosing a PT is if they motivate you to work hard and inspire you to be better. If that is missing, then maybe they aren’t the trainer for you.

  5. The role of a PT doesn’t stop when you finish your session. They should provide help and advice outside of the gym regarding lifestyle, diet and general healthy habits. If you only hear from your trainer when it’s time to book another session, then they may just be in it for the money!

The most important part of hiring a Personal Trainer is that you feel comfortable and get on well with them. A good trainer can become a big part of your lifestyle and so it’s important that you don’t find them boring, uninterested, annoying or simply just not your cup of tea.

This post may sound all negative, however amongst the highly saturated industry, there are some great PTs out there, and especially in Canterbury. Just be mindful of who you choose and if they are giving you the right service.

If you believe your Personal Trainer might not be worth the money you are spending on them, don’t be afraid to be upfront and ditch them. Remember you are the one paying them for their service and you should never feel trapped to stay with them!

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