Hungry or Bored?

I'm sure we've all been there once. You open the fridge, stare, sigh, close it again and carry on with your day. So why did you open the fridge? Was our body trying to tell us that we're hungry and need to eat in order to create energy to function or do we treat eating as a past time rather than a survival instinct? The question is simple, has eating become something bred from a want rather than a need?

To be honest, the why is probably not the reason your reading this. It's more than likely the question of "I know it's a want, I know it's boredom! Now how do I stop doing it?" The Answer is simple, if this additional snacking is something that has become an 'activity' rather than a '

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necessity' then simply replace it with a different activity, like walking the dog, reading a book, having a nap or.... writing a blog!

The trick here is to not consciously try to swap one for the other. Simply take up the extra activity and then the time spent doing the new activity should hopefully start to eat in to that precious snacking time. So without even thinking about it, you have replaced them.

In short, try and keep busy with better habits to refrain from becoming bored.


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