How To Keep the Whole Family Healthy

Fitness can be a selfish hobby which can take up valuable family time with many parents having to make the choice between spending the evening with their children or going to workout, but why is this? As a Personal Trainer, I believe that fitness is important for everyone, young or old, and kids especially should be active and learn about leading a healthy lifestyle. Many parents have to forego training themselves as they don't have the time to fit it in around their children, which is why we have decided to launch a special offer for Family Personal Training.

Sessions will be specific to you and your family and will give the adults the benefit of Personal Training from myself whilst also getting the children active and having fun to allow you to focus on you. For the adults, you will receive progressive sessions to work towards your goals, be it health related, fat loss, muscle gain or simply just to enjoy exercising as a family. Children will be involved in the whole session with fun games and exercises that will be suited to the age range to encourage confidence, fun and the burning of some excess energy! The sessions can take place at your home, in a local park, or in the gym/studio and are therefore very flexible.

Working out together has so many benefits:

  1. Allows you to spend quality time together with no distractions of phones and TVs.

  2. Gets the children active and teaches them about exercise. Education is key to avoid teenagers falling into unhealthy habits such as extreme dieting and obesity.

  3. Adults can exercise without having to worry about finding someone to look after the children.

  4. Energises the whole family.

  5. Relieves stress and tension.

  6. Children will see great role models in you whilst seeing you workout.

These are also obviously on top of the many benefits to working out at all, which makes it a no brainer! Even if the Sterling Fitness Family Personal Training isn't for you, I would always encourage families to try and workout together in some form or another. This can be family dog walks, active games in the garden, swimming, or any group sport or activity.

If you'd like to find out more about the offer, please do get in touch and we can give you more details.

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