Your house is a gym!

It's that time of the year when people start to think about their New Year’s resolutions. And statistically health related goals rank highest in popularity for resolutions that people choose. Whether it’s giving up chocolate or taking up a gym class, it’s safe to say that initially most will aim a little bit too high and end up not sticking to their resolution. With that in mind, my question is;

What are the main reasons people don't stick to these resolutions, namely, ‘I’m going to start going to the gym regularly’?

The gym to most of us is an intimidating place, with treadmills, weights and other gadgets that promise you the body of your dreams. However trying to find the time to go to the gym can sometimes be quite difficult, not to mention the cost of a lot of them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing gyms, but if you can't get to the gym then I have news for you. You live in one!

Bodyweight exercises are what a lot of the machines in the gym are made to replicate so why not do them yourself? Pushups, Pull-ups, Squats, Sit-ups and Jogging on the spot are all the same sort of things a lot of us do when we go to the gym anyway.

Living in an urban area like Canterbury I have seen how easy it is to make your own home into a makeshift gym. Some of my clients have bought equipment like skipping ropes and kettle bells but as long as you can clear a space in the sitting room big enough for a dreaded burpee, then you have all you need.

As a personal trainer I'm always looking for ways in which I can encourage my clients to stay active at home as well as coming to the gym. So, when deciding on a New Year’s resolution, joining a gym is a great idea, but don't always feel you need to go there for every workout. Sure, it's nice for a change of scenery but just because you don't have time to drive to the gym, workout, shower and drive home doesn't mean all is lost. Mock up a homemade bodyweight HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session like the one below and crack on in your former living room/garden, now exclusive exercise studio.

30 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 5 rounds

Personal Training at Home
Home Personal Training in Canterbury


Enjoy your new gym!

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