Something that a lot of us can’t make it through the day without, and often gets a bad reputation, however it could be a useful tool to help achieve fat loss goals. This isn’t to say it is encouraged to drink several sugar laden drinks from Starbucks with whipped cream on top and claim that it will help you lose weight, just because it has coffee in it. It won’t.

Coffee has been proven to increase metabolic rate, make you more efficient at burning fat, improve exercise performance, increase the feeling of being full, and dull cravings. There’s a reason that 3 out of 4 Olympic athletes consume some form of caffeine before their competitions! Those who drink a cup of coffee before exercise also tend to suffer far less from muscle pain whilst exercising, and there is substantial evidence to suggest that it can decrease DOMS. This means that coffee drinkers can intensify their training, lift heavier, run faster and exercise for longer.

As well as these effects on weight loss and performance, there are huge amounts of claims that coffee can make you live longer, reducing the risk of:

- Heart disease

- Parkinson’s

- Type 2 diabetes

- Depression

- Liver disease

It is however worth noting; different people have different levels of sensitivity to caffeine, so everyone reacts differently. The more frequently you drink it and the more you drink, the lower your sensitivity. However, cycling caffeine can be an effective way to enhance the effects it may have on fat loss by keeping your sensitivity high.

All of this is especially dependent on total intake, as drinking large amounts may actually reverse some of the supposed benefits, potentially causing dehydration and laxative effects. As with most things, moderation is key!

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