5 Reasons You need a Slam ball in your home gym

As a Personal Trainer I have accumulated numerous pieces of Gym Equipment over time. Here is why a Slam Ball is one of them.

1 - Functional

The term ‘functional training' is often chucked about for just about every movement that isn’t regularly involved in the average gym-bro’s training program. A slam ball is functional because it’s awkward. No bouncing to make your reps flow from one to the next and by using the ball off centre we force our body to work in an anti rotational or anti flexion manner while performing an otherwise simple movement. A good example of this is a Squat with the ball on one shoulder. Little things like this are areas we often neglect in the gym.

2 - Compact

One of the main issues with a home gym is that not everyone has a room that can be designated to exercise. So we end up making hybrid rooms like the kitchen/gym or the sitting room/gym. For me it's the conservatory/gym. As a result a home gym needs to be pretty easy to set up or take down. A slam ball is a pretty small bit of equipment and being soft and rubber means you don’t need to worry about where to store it are than you would worry about storing a football.

3 - Robust

The very name ‘Slam Ball’ pretty much gives you a sense that these are built to last. Because of the weight distribution they can be used pretty much anywhere without worrying about damaging the floor. I have had my slam ball for about 5 years now and between using it on rubber floors in a gym, carpets in my living room, concrete outside my house or on the grass when rugby training it hasn’t even got a scratch on it.

4 - Versatile

I mentioned already just how functional they are but to be honesty they can be used for just about any type of training. Whether its power, strength, speed, fitness or stability. Exercises such as overhead slams, lateral punches, over-the-shoulder toss and Russian twists are staples in the programs of most athletes.

5 - Fun

Something we often forget is that working out and keeping fit should be fun. A big slam ball after a long day at work can be the ideal tool for getting the family fit. Online most conventional pieces of gym equipment the slam ball can be used in a game type scenario for relays or giant shot putt. After all what is more satisfying then slamming a slam ball as hard as you can into the ground after a long stressful day at work!

So there it is. The reasons I have a slam ball in my home gym/sitting room. It's cheaper than most gym equipment, versatile, durable, compact and fun. Now all you need to do is get one of your own! Era-Fit have a great selection of Slam Balls among other bits so have a look at their website!

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